The Terms & Conditions of our services are simple, and it safeguards the interest of our clients 



As a European escort service agency in Bangkok, nothing is more important to us than the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Whatever we have achieved till date has been possible, only due to the patronage that we have received from our clients.

Hence, we feel that we are having the responsibilities of reciprocating this patronage and the best way to do that, we believe, is to make it hassle free for the clients to find and get connected with the escorts.

So, we have designed simple terms and conditions that protect the interest and rights of the clients and our girls in a similar manner.

What we have seen from our practical experience is that it is basically the stringent and inflexible terms and conditions, adopted by the escort agencies that emerges as the principal barrier in the path of the clients, meeting the escorts.

For our business, both our clients and girls are equally important, the clauses have been designed in a manner that it never hurts the interest of either of these parties.

Most importantly, as we adhere to some simple and flexible terms and condition, there never arises, any ambiguity in our dealings with the clients.


Confidential Privacy

It is obvious that some of your details like your name, phone number and address will come to us as you schedule an appointment with our girls.

Once you confirm a booking, we will also share with you the details of the girl who is going to attend you for the sessions.

Being a professional service provider, we can assure you about the privacy and confidentiality of your details that come to us in the course of the process.

At no point in time, we will not provide your details to the 3rd parties, for reasons whatsoever.

Likewise, we would also expect that you will take equal care about keeping the details of our girls in private with you.

After all, we are in adult entertainment services, wherein such extent of maturity can be expected from both of our sides.




You are requested to make the booking at least 24 hours in advance.

Our girls keep serving a massive client base, and hence if they have to attend a client on a war footing basis, it is reasonable that it will become very tough for them to adjust their schedule.

Hence, we expect our clients to make the booking, at least 24 hours in advance that will make it easier for our girls to attend you in strict adherence to the schedule you set.

We never want to keep you waiting, and hence, your kind cooperation in this regard is solicited.

It will enable us to produce the fascinating services.



Pay directly to the escorts

You would not require paying us a penny while making the booking, and you will have to pay the service fees to the escort directly, once they arrive at your place.

Thus, you stand no chances of losing the money, by making an advance payment, and then discovering that no one attends you, as promised.

Thus, with us, your money is completely safe and secured.


Two hrs booking is one shot and overnights up to the girl

Booking for a slot implies that you will be getting the company of the escort for 2 hours.

If you are interested to spend more time, probably overnight time with our escorts, you should discuss it with the escort directly.

The complete discretion about giving you the extra time or not is up to the concerned escort, attending you.


Pictures and details of escorts will be shared only on Whatsapp

We don’t want our clients to blindly abide by the selection of the girl we are making for them.

Hence, we have developed a system of sending the profile and the pictures of the girl to the clients on Whatsapp.

This enables our clients to get a complete understanding of the profile of the girls, and they can check if the girls are matched with your choices or not.

On the other hand, this act serves as a safety measure as they would not have to allow some strangers to get into your place, and stake your safety and security.

As on date, we are sharing the information about the escorts with our girls on Whatsapp only.



Our clients are important to us, and at no point of time, we would like to get into any conflicts or tassels with our clients.

One of the key areas for a tassel to arise with the clients in regards the cancellation of the deals.

In that regard, we have a simple and fair policy that enables us to escape the conflicts with the clients and secures their rights.

We would send you the details of the escort, scheduled to attend you.

You retain the right to cancel the appointment for free, if you see that the picture we have sent is not matching with the girl, attending you.

However, if you are canceling the appointments for some reasons on your part, it will require you to pay the escort 1000 Thai Bant to cancel the appointment.





We have designed this clause to protect the interest and rights of the companions and to keep the whimsical clients out at the bay.

As we take care about the interest of the clients and the escorts alike, we are enjoying the faith and reliance on both these parties.

We have designed the terms and conditions for our services in a manner that it becomes easy for the clients to deal with us.

Our objective is to give our valued clients the fascinating experience, and we have drafted these clauses in line with our mission.

As it comes up from the reviews by our clients, they never faced any troubles in adhering to these points, and neither did they find any position that might go against their interest.

If you have already dealt with other agencies and made some unpleasant experience, having to comply with some stringent, we are confident that you are going to make a completely different experience with us.